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Devotions are held in the Sanctuary from 10:00am to 10:15 am every Sunday.

Put forth an effort and learn the books of the Bible with us.   




Genesis                I Kings             Ecclesiastes              Obadiah                      

Exodus                 II Kings            Song of Solomon       Jonah

Leviticus               I Chronicles     Isaiah                         Micah          

Numbers              II Chronicles    Jeremiah                    Nahum       

Deuteronomy       Ezra                 Lamentations             Habakkuk

Joshua                  Nehemiah       Ezekiel                       Zephaniah   

Judges                  Esther             Daniel                        Haggai 

Ruth                      Job                  Hosea                        Zechariah

I Samuel                Psalms           Joel                            Malachi 

II Samuel               Proverbs         Amos





Matthew                  Ephesians                 Philemon         Jude            

Mark                       Philippians                 Hebrews          Revelation

Luke                       Colossians                 James

John                       I Thessalonians         I Peter              

Acts                        II Thessalonians        II Peter

I Corinthians           I Timothy                    I John

II Corinthians         II Timothy                    II John

Galatians               Titus                            III John


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